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Read about Fanatics’ (Frazeysburg, OH) connection to OSU Championship

Online sales of Ohio State merchandise through the roof.

Buckeyes fans are so eager to buy national-championship merchandise that they have sent online sales through the roof.

A major supplier of such merchandise,, reports that it sold more Ohio State items in the first two days after the game than in the first week after Florida State won the national championship last year and in the first week after Alabama won two years ago.

The online retailer has sold 250 different items, including T-shirts, sweatshirts and caps. It had orders from fans in all 50 states within 12 hours after the victory over Oregon.

Top-selling states for OSU gear include Ohio, Florida, Texas, California and Georgia, the company said in a statement.

After all the major cities in Ohio, top markets for OSU championship merchandise are Atlanta; Chicago; New York City; Washington, D.C.; and Tampa, Fla.


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Winter, what winter?

Area produce farm keeps on trucking through the cold

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.36.25 AM

Photo Credits: Dennis E. Powell, The Athens NEWS. Photo Caption: Each day, employees roll back the huge tarps that cover and protect the delicate plants. The arches over the rows hold the tarps well above the veggies. Here the job is undertaken by Keely Hultz and Natalie Horvath.

While the rest of us are wondering how we can keep from freezing during this week’s cold spell, at Green Edge Gardens in Amesville they’re harvesting fresh greens and other tasty edibles, as they do all winter.

For a decade Kip and Becky Rondy have run the farm, nestled in a picturesque valley, and for most of that time they’ve employed an innovative distribution model in which many of their vegetables are sold via…

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Picking Season

Behind the scenes at’s sports memorabilia warehouse during the holiday rush

ohio-distribution-centerYou there, with the cursor. I see you’ve just moved an officially licensed NFL jersey into your digital shopping cart. You’re doing this on the NFL’s website or on your favorite team’s website. Or — let me reboot my NSA software — maybe that’s an NHL jersey from Or a baseball jersey from Details (free shipping on orders over $50, etc.) may vary. But these New Economy wormholes all lead to the same company, Fanatics. And 60 percent of Fanatics’ orders lead, in turn, to a warehouse in Frazeysburg, Ohio, in the frozen farm country east of Columbus. The warehouse is a cavernous, gray-blue building that measures about 550,000 square feet. It boasts 13 miles of conveyor belts that trundle between the four “picking” floors, across which workers scurry to…

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New year to bring life to vacant Merillat plant

JACKSON— Some very exciting news was announced in Tuesday night’s, end of year, Jackson City Council meeting, when Mayor Randy Heath put out a release that the Merillat plant will soon have new life breathed into it.

Heath announced that Sherwood 23 Holdings, LLC., had purchased the site to be operated by Taylor Lumber Worldwide, Inc., which has been in operation in various forms of the lumber industry for 125 years. They are based in Scioto County, but they ship lumber internationally.

Taylor Lumber makes a lot of good wood. The company produces hardwood lumber and flooring for the construction industry. While it is known the use of the Merillat site will be lumber related, the exact use and future plans for the site have not been released at this time.

They are hoping to employ between 25 and 75 employees initially at the Jackson site, depending on…

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