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Little pellets have lots of uses

HANGING ROCK — Pouring hot coffee into a disposable white Styrofoam cup may be convenient. It just isn’t accurate.

Brian Funk and Carl Darling understand that. Funk makes Styrofoam; Darling makes the stuff that makes the cup. They’re the same and they’re not the same.

Like cousins coming out of a multi-tiered family, the two materials can trace their roots back to the same chemical patriarch, but they have their own individuality and their own function.

“Styrofoam is a solid, blue board,” said Funk, Hanging Rock site leader for Dow Chemical Company. “Styrofoam is a Dow trademark. It’s used for home insulation, commercial insulation.”

It’s not that white cup.

One of six Dow Chemical operations in the United States and Canada, the Hanging Rock plant produces 150 million-4-by-8-board feet of Styrofoam a year.

Those boards dyed with Dow’s trademark robin egg blue…

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Region Is Ripe for Economic Development

After seeing 1,652 jobs created in southeastern Ohio in 2014, the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth (APEG) region of JobsOhio is striving to create more in 2015 and focusing largely on industry that’s already established in the area.

The APEG region covers 25 counties, including Washington, Noble, Monroe, Morgan, Gallia, Lawrence, Carroll, Holmes and Ross, and is a part of JobsOhio, a private, nonprofit organization that promotes job creation and economic development for Ohio.

JobsOhio put out its 2014 annual report Monday, highlighting progress in the regions across the state for job creation and upcoming projects and focuses for 2015.

Jesse Work, plasma operator at Waterford Tank, moves a sheet of metal into position for an oil and gas storage tank Tuesday

Industries taking the focus this year include wood-based manufacturing and the automotive supply chain.

“Our white oak is considered the best in the world,” said John Molinaro, president and CEO of APEG. “It’s…

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YEI receives grant

Wayne Allen | Daily Times Thanks to a $44,000 grant from the Fluor B&W Portsmouth Opportunity Fund, YEI Technology was able to expand. Pictured are some of community members at an event Monday.

Wayne Allen | Daily Times
Thanks to a $44,000 grant from the Fluor B&W Portsmouth Opportunity Fund, YEI Technology was able to expand. Pictured are some of community members at an event Monday.

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Portsmouth is YEI Technology — manufacturing computer chipsin the basement of the Garage Cafe on Second Street. On Monday the company was ceremoniously awarded a $44,000 grant from the Fluor B&W Portsmouth Opportunity Fund to expand its production of computer sensors.

YEI Technology Chief Executive Officer Francesca Hartop said the computer sensors manufactured in Portsmouth are purchased by a number of clients, including the United States Navy.

“We build sensors…

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Port Authority continues to increase in 2015

GROWTH COMING to Jefferson County via its port authority is expected to continue increasing throughout 2015, with cooperative approaches to possible new ventures also on the rise, according to Evan Scurti, the first executive director of the local authority.

And, even though there is unprecedented regional growth being seen directly associated with the gas and oil industry, the gaze of the leadership team at the Jefferson County Port Authority is much broader than simply focusing on a single industry or a single part of the community.

“Our goal is to provide comprehensive economic development services to a variety of sectors, always with the goal of increasing opportunities for gainful employment,” Scurti said.

The county’s planned industrial park has only about 40 acres left.

“With no other comparable setting in the county, we are working on future port ownership and or development scenarios,” he recently explained.

“Aside from modern industrial parks, the…

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