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New year to bring life to vacant Merillat plant

JACKSON— Some very exciting news was announced in Tuesday night’s, end of year, Jackson City Council meeting, when Mayor Randy Heath put out a release that the Merillat plant will soon have new life breathed into it.

Heath announced that Sherwood 23 Holdings, LLC., had purchased the site to be operated by Taylor Lumber Worldwide, Inc., which has been in operation in various forms of the lumber industry for 125 years. They are based in Scioto County, but they ship lumber internationally.

Taylor Lumber makes a lot of good wood. The company produces hardwood lumber and flooring for the construction industry. While it is known the use of the Merillat site will be lumber related, the exact use and future plans for the site have not been released at this time.

They are hoping to employ between 25 and 75 employees initially at the Jackson site, depending on…

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AEP Ohio awards CIC $10,000 grant

LOGAN — Joy Davis, CEcD, Executive Director of the Hocking County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC), was one of 12 Appalachian Ohio economic development professionals to receive a $10,000 grant from AEP Ohio for completing the Community Economic Development Academy (CEDA).

The multi-phase professional development program was created to build a better understanding of the site selection process companies use to locate new plants and operations. Davis attended a workshop, completed a gap analysis about local available sites and hosted a mock site visit by InSite Consulting, the site selectors who conducted CEDA.

“Seeing our community through the eyes of someone else provided a better understanding of what we need to do to be more attractive to businesses. We learned the City of Logan has abundant availability of water and waste-water services. However, we also identified a great need for buildings,” said Davis.

“AEP is proud to be…

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JC Fodale Energy Services locates in Morgan County

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 9.30.09 AMJC Fodale Energy Services, LLC, an oilfield services and product provider based in Shreveport, LA, has located in Morgan County at 5950 South East SR 60, between Neeleysville and the Washington County line.

“We operate in nine states including: Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Wyoming, Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania,” said Christine Buchanan, a recruiter for JC Fodale Energy Services. “We have only been in the McConnelsville area for about two months but we are here to stay.”

Buchanan explained that JC Fodale Energy Services is now working in Ohio from Zanesville to Wheeling, WV.

“This location in Morgan County, at least for now, is our home-base. Our oper- ation will be run from here,” explained Buchanan. “The company’s intention is to expand by eventually adding two more sites, like this McConnelsville area site,…

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Carroll County Gushes with Shale Energy Wealth

DoddsAaronCarrollCountyCARROLLTON, Ohio — No natural gas well has evoked shouts of “Eureka!” that reverberated across Carroll County, a once pastoral place in east central Ohio. Nor is there one well, one drill site, with crude production so staggering that it stops oil barons in their tracks.

Carroll County, still mostly farmland, superficially, has become the heart and nervous system of the emerging oil and gas industry. While no well there ranks among the top-10 producers of oil or gas in the Utica shale, the collective energy production of the county is a force that has attracted notice from around the world.

“For some reason, the BBC has me on its speed dial,” laughs Aaron Dodds, the county economic development director, referring to the international attention his community has drawn since 2010. That’s when energy companies descended on…

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