Continuous Improvement

Over two-thirds of U.S. manufacturers rated continuous improvement as their biggest strategic challenge. 

Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and TQM (Total Quality Management) are some of the strategies addressing how manufacturers can stay competitive.  No matter which tool you choose – the goal is continuously improving how your deliver your product to your customer.

MEP can help you find the best continuous improvement process to improve your company’s performance.  Whether the strategy is process mapping, root cause analysis, Lean or Kaizen, APEG-MEP’s manufacturing experts will listen carefully to your specific situation and recommend the right process.  We have working relationships with a number of experienced trainers and coaches who can work with your leadership team, supervisors and employees to improve your manufacturing processes.

Inefficiency falls into Eight Categories …

Being more efficient is what continuous improvement is all about.  If any of the the 8 Forms of Waste look familiar we can help!

  1. Defects – errors in paperwork, product quality, etc.
  2. Extra processing – using the wrong tools, procedures or systems
  3. Waiting – for people, machinery or materials
  4. Overproduction – more or sooner than the customer needs
  5. Transportation – extra movement of people, information or materials
  6. Inventory – excessive storage and delay of information/products
  7. Motion – people/equipment more than required to perform the task
  8. Intelligence – waste due to not listening to employee ideas


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