Workforce Training

A skilled, dedicated manufacturing workforce is one of the hallmarks of the APEG region.

The APEG-Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) knows that a company’s success depends on the skills of its employees.  Whether it is the ability to keep pace with technology, to advance into supervision and leadership, be independent problem solvers or work in teams, your workforce is critical to production and success.  The better their skills, the better your bottom line.

As your training partner, APEG-MEP can determine what training is needed and how it can effectively be delivered.  Our in-house training staff and network of experienced experts understand the region’s workforce and can customize the right learning tools to upskill your employees.

UpSkill Your Workforce 

We will work with you to identify and deliver the training your employees need to take your manufacturing to the next level.  Some popular training areas are:


Quality Systems

Technical Skills

Human Resources

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