MarkWest Opens New Regional Office in Harrison County

HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio – MarkWest Energy continues to expand and show its commitment and loyalty to Harrison County and its economy.

On Tuesday, the company held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new 20,000 square-foot regional office building that is already circulating new jobs within the county.

While MarkWest isn’t new to the county, the company continues to show its commitment to the area by expanding, thus creating new jobs and stimulating the county’s economy along the way.

“This is a new beginning for MarkWest and the Utica, and we are looking forward to a permanent presence,” said Dave Ledonne, vice president of operations for Utica and Appalachia. “This is symbolic of a permanent presence of MarkWest in Ohio.” The building took 9 months to build and will hold up to 120 employees. It’s expected to increase the company’s overall productivity. “We have been able to consolidate all of our workforce under one roof, so to say,” Ledonne said. “The whole operation has brought over 220 jobs into the Ohio organization under MarkWest alone, so yes, we are continuing to grow.”

Harrison County Economic Developer Nick Homrighausen says the new building isn’t just creating jobs, it’s boosting the county as a whole. “We are just pleased to see this day come,” Harrison County Economic Developer Nick Homrighausen said. “It is a new day for Harrison County. “What this means for the county’s economy is that we have new, high-paying jobs that locals can work for, as well as outsiders wanting to locate within Harrison County, and it shows businesses can thrive here and more will want to come.”

The new MarkWest Regional Office cost a total of $4 million and between 100 and 120 employees will be able to work there.

From  |  June 23, 2015