Industry Award

The impact of one business on a community is often compared to a drop of water in a puddle as it ripples out. In the case of MIBA Sinter, in Morgan County, the ripples started small when the MIBA Bearings business came to town, in 2004, by obtaining a small bearings plant just north of McConnelsville, with approximately 200 employees. Another MIBA component, MIBA Sinter, opened in 2010 with 40 employees and now has 250 employees, with plans for an additional 100 people to be added to the workforce with a coming expansion.

This kind of footprint in the community and the economic impact in the county were honored by the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance, at the annual meeting, held last week in Walnut Creek. Carl Raines, Executive Director of the Morgan County Improvement Corporation, presented the honor of being Large Business of the Year, as named by EODA, to MIBA Sinter.

“We are very fortunate to have a company like this that is investing in the future of Morgan County,” Raines said. “Miba is committed to growing and they are growing in an area that needs economic stability.”

“On behalf of MIBA Sinter I’m very happy to receive this award,” stated Steve Krise who represented MIBA Center at the event. “You probably have never really heard of us before. But, if you were in Europe you would. Our customers are all the big automotive companies. We make and sell engine and transmission components to those companies.”

Krise stated that the business has progressively expanded in Morgan County.

“We started building in 2008, and sold our first part in 2010,” Krise stated. “We had enough business for 40 jobs, and we had a big plant. Our task was to compete in the North American market and build business to fill it up.”

He stated that the road to success was not paved in gold, it was paved in goals.

“We have been through two expansions,” Krise stated. “We have 250 employees right now. We are looking to grow to 350 right now, and we will be faced with another expansion.”

For Krise, who has been there since the beginning, the process of growing MIBA into what it has become today has come one step at a time.

“It has been a pleasure for me,” Krise stated. “MIBA is a privately owned company. I’m really proud of our owners for investing like they have.”

He underscored the importance of working together in MIBA’s overall success.

“It’s been a really good collaboration between the local leaders and the state and our owners to make this all happen,” Krise shared. “I think it has had a big impact on Morgan County.”

Krise praised the local area for being supportive of the company and its business.

“We have the best workforce in the world,” Krise stated emphatically.

To bring the total impact of MIBA on Morgan County and the surrounding communities, Raines shared that MIBA, and its other component businesses located in McConnelsville, currently employ a total of 535 employees. It is the largest manufacturing employer in Morgan County.

The company is a part of the Austrian-based business known as MIBA Energy Holdings. Specifically, they make specialized parts for BMW, Audi, Volvo, and General Motors that are used in steering assemblies as well as transmissions.

EODA is an organization that promotes, in 16 counties, the basics of Economic Development through working together with businesses and government. By bringing the two together, Ohio has seen its Gross Domestic Product strengthened and areas in need of economic growth spurred on. The region served by EODA is one that is a hotbed of activity, in both the private and public sectors, that can be harnessed to give Ohio a stable future.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) delivered the keynote address at the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance annual meeting in Holmes County today. In front of economic development experts, elected officials, and business leaders, Brown discussed efforts to upgrade Ohio’s water infrastructure, boost American manufacturing, and support small business growth.

“Whether it’s in local government or in the private sector, we only get things done when we work together,” Brown said. “That’s why organizations like the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance are so important – bringing together business leaders, development officials, and community members to help tackle challenges in rural communities and small towns. From helping small businesses grow to securing investment for public works, I will continue working to help eastern Ohio create jobs.”

The Eastern Ohio Development Alliance is made up of 16 counties, including: Athens, Belmont, Carroll, Columbiana, Coshocton, Guernsey, Harrison, Holmes, Jefferson, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, Perry, Tuscarawas, and Wash­ing­ton Counties.

Brown has been a strong supporter of helping communities secure federal funding for infrastructure updates. Earlier this month, Brown reintroduced the Clean Water Affordability Act, legislation that would provide relief from high water rates by helping communities make renovations to outdated sewer systems, while improving water quality and keeping rates affordable for residents.

From Morgan County Herald  |  May 4, 2016