Hillsboro PAS Technologies facility achieves PXP™ Gold certification

PAS Technologies announced Thursday that its Hillsboro facility has achieved gold status, the highest level of achievement in the Performance eXcellence Process™ (PXP™), the Company’s lean operating system.

PXP™ Gold certification signifies that the PAS Hillsboro facility, the first PAS operation to have achieved this accreditation, is operating at world-class standards for all aspects of the business—customer satisfaction, environmental health and safety, quality, on time delivery, financials and employee satisfaction.

Operating globally in six locations, PAS is a specialized provider of cost-effective original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products, services and solutions for the commercial and military aerospace, industrial gas turbine and oil and gas markets. The company’s highly engineered, innovative products are world-renowned for advanced technology and unsurpassed reliability.

The PAS Hillsboro facility is a proven provider of OEM engine-ready parts and MRO special processes and services, driving world-class performance and trusted to consistently deliver operational excellence. As a PAS One-Stop Shop®, the Hillsboro operation can take a part from raw material through machining, welding, brazing, coating and heat treating—all within its own facilities. This unique combination of leading-edge capabilities eliminates non-value added process time—allowing for better control in providing best-in-class value, quality and just-in-time delivery to its customers.

PAS Technologies utilizes its PXP™ system to design and operate its manufacturing and business process value streams—all with the goals of improving customer satisfaction, strengthening employee commitment and continuously improving and growing the business. PAS designed PXP™ to provide the methodology, discipline and tools to make significant improvements in material flow, inventory levels and cumulative lead times. PXP™ also serves to reduce inconsistency and variance and helps to eliminate waste, all while standardizing work and processes, improving efficiency and increasing productivity.

PXP™ consists of four levels of progress—qualifying, bronze, silver and gold. It encompasses a rigorous set of metrics that must be met before a PAS facility can earn and progress through the four levels. PXP™ measures a number of key transformational processes in four major categories:

• Business metrics such as market feedback analysis, environment, health and safety compliance, cost of poor quality, on-time delivery, EBITDA and productivity, along with a gap action plan;

• Business strategy and planning, including development, communication and deployment through the organization of roadmap objectives to achieve targeted business performance;

• Leadership, culture and people objectives that measure how well employees are engaged, motivated and charged to improve business performance;

• PXP™ tool proficiency, including value stream mapping, total productive maintenance, root cause analysis, mistake proofing, and Quality Clinic Processing Charting that PAS teams apply to processes daily to track and improve business performance.

“Pursuing a defined improvement strategy not only enables a facility and a company to achieve world-class status, but at PAS Technologies, it also creates a significant and sustainable performance advantage,” said Thomas Hutton, Chief Executive Officer. “In achieving PXP™ Gold status, the PAS Hillsboro facility has reached a significant milestone, and we thank every team member in Hillsboro for demonstrating leadership, an unflagging commitment to operational excellence, and making PAS Technologies the preferred OEM and MRO supplier.”

With a 30-year history of aerospace and industrial experience in both commercial and military aircraft sectors, the Hillsboro operation offers a comprehensive portfolio of services—providing wear resistant and hot section coatings and precision platings to airframe structures including landing gear, hydraulic systems and critical wing airframe components.

The Hillsboro team also restores critical turbine engine components to OEM specification condition using specialized repair services and state-of-the-art repair techniques that improve component service life and eliminate replacement costs. These engine component applications, found in most major aircraft worldwide, include the fan, compressor, combustor, and turbine modules including blades, vanes, stators, bearings, rings, seals and shrouds.

PAS Hillsboro offers full OEM build to print, complete FAA return to service certification, and material management and kitting solutions. From minor repairs to complete overhauls, specialized wear resistant coatings approved by OEM providers, component machining to painting, to initial inspection to final nondestructive testing, the facility also provides comprehensive overhaul and repair services on fixed wing aircraft components for commercial, military and regional aircraft customers.

In all of these services, the company’s PXP™ operating system, along with a Management Operating System (MOS), and a Quality Management System (QMS), focus on the drivers of competitive excellence—the PAS people and work processes. The combination of these platforms provides PAS Hillsboro with the methodology, discipline and tools to make significant improvements in material flow, inventory levels and cumulative lead times. For example, PAS Hillsboro has improved on-time delivery to customers (the leading indicator of this facility’s performance) to 98 percent.

The PAS Hillsboro emphasis on quality is reflected in external certifications and OEM approvals. The company holds certifications from the FAA, EASA, CAAC, CAAS and other major certifying authorities. In addition, the PAS facility maintains third party certification to the AS9100 and AS9110 Quality Standards. PAS Hillsboro also maintains Nadcap certification for various special processes including Chemical Processing, Heat Treating, Nadcap Nonconventional Machining, Nadcap NonDestructive Testing and Nadcap Weld.

Turning to environmental sustainability, PAS maintains its focus on reducing its own carbon footprint at the Hillsboro facility. Working with the local utility company (AEP), the development team has implemented several energy savings recommendations, including a system that monitors and controls air compressors to operate on demand by load limits to conserve electricity.

PAS Hillsboro has received the GE Supplier Award and recognition from the Ohio State Speaker of the House for working two million hours without a lost time or recordable injury and job growth. Last year, the facility was a finalist for IndustryWeek’s Best Plants for 2015, a recognition of manufacturing plants that are on the leading edge of efforts to increase competitiveness, enhance customer satisfaction and create stimulating and rewarding work environments.

PAS Technologies Inc. (www.pas-technologies.com) is a privately held corporation and operates globally in six locations including Hillsboro, Ohio; Kansas City, Missouri; Phoenix, Arizona; Manchester, Connecticut; Singapore; and Romania. The company specializes in providing cost-effective OEM and MRO solutions for the aerospace, oil and gas, and Industrial Gas Turbine markets. By using innovative and proprietary high-technology processes, along with solutions licensed from OEMs, the company provides great value to its customers. PAS specializes in working with customers whose components are exposed to high wear, high heat and corrosive environments.

From The Highland County Press  |  August 12, 2016