Port Authority Discuss New Grant to bring More Jobs to the Community

City leaders held a meeting Wednesday to discuss a new grant that will bring more jobs to the community.

The Zanesville Muskingum County Port Authority was able to obtain a grant from Jobs Ohio in the amount of $775,000 for the revitalization of a 30 acre location at the Airport Industrial Park. Executive Director, Matt Abbott, said they’re excited to be able to develop a turnkey site.

“What this will allow us to do is to compact soils to solve some issues that exist from surface mining. It’ll put this 30 acre site and make it unique. Sites that are in our area, region and around the state as far as connectivity to the things that we offer here in Zanesville Muskingum County,” said Abbott.

Abbott said the site has had some looks in the past, however, they don’t know what business will be moving to the industrial park site at this time.

“We’ll be able to showcase and and hopefully be able to sell the property pretty quick and be able to move, and move to the next property to continue to do that. This is going to put us in a position of strength with the property that we do have because we know we have a winner with this property,” said Abbott.

Abbott said they are not looking for a specific company. But, rather how many jobs, and the amount of payroll that company can bring to the community, among other requirements.

From WHIZ News