County plans for new economic development website

A new website dedicated toward economic development in Vinton County is being planned by the county’s Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber recently received a $7,250 grant from AEP Ohio to finance the website project.

County Marketing Director Caleb Appleman said the website and donation will “allow us to remain competitive with other counties in our region.” The county is featuring a new marketing message, “Where small business is big business.” The website will highlight business opportunities and incentives for entrepreneurs within Vinton County.

The donation was provided as part of AEP Ohio’s Local Economic Advancement Program.

“We are pleased to be able to provide financial support to grow economic development projects that help to bring jobs and prosperity to local communities,” said Tom Froehle, AEP vice president, external affairs.

This website will separate from a planned renovation of the county tourism site.

From The Vinton County Courier