For its 30th anniversary, YSK Corporation remembers its roots

Marcia Davey uses both hands as she picks up and packages a front lower arm for a Honda Accord suspension that weighs almost 15 pounds. Davey has been with the company since it opened 30 years ago. “I came here because I needed a job and saw it as a good opportunity,” said Davey. “The benefits are good, and the people are nice and treat you well and care about you when you are sick by sending you flowers or visiting you while in the hospital.” (Photo: Robert McGraw/Gazette)

CHILLICOTHE – Tucked behind the large Kenworth facility is a small, Japanese-owned company where employees have forged their own community for the past 30 years.

YSK Corporation, a car part production facility, has been operating in Chillicothe since 1989. And this year, for the 30th anniversary, staff are going back to their roots to celebrate the success over the years.

“For a small company such as ours, this is a big accomplishment,” said Mary Stevens, section leader and employee of 29 years.

The corporation started as a Honda supplier, manufacturing parts for cars. Since its start, YSK has expanded its facility and constructed a new building to keep up with the competition. Now, the business has nearly 200 employees and four Japanese members.

While YSK employees rave about the benefits of the job, including competitive wages, paid holidays and health care, they also highlighted the sense of community and a feeling of family among staff. Regardless of where someone works in the facility, they can find connections with other employees at the production line or in the front office, according to Stevens.

Stevens remembers joining the business just one year after they opened. At the time, they offered Japanese and English courses for employees. While the language classes are no longer available, workers can enroll in culture courses to learn more about the history of their company’s nation and the people who run it. The class also helps Japanese employees adjust to life in the United States.

“I’ve always felt a sense of family, we’re close-knit,” Tripp said. “That was instilled in us on day one and it’s still here.”

YSK Corporation will celebrate 30 years with employees on Thursday, Sept. 12.

Originally posted in the Chillicothe Gazette  |  September 10, 2019