APEG’s nine varied industry sectors produce raw materials, root materials, supply chain components and finished consumer products for more than 30 Fortune 500 companies and international businesses from 20 countries. Use the icons to explore more of each of our industry sectors.

The region of Southern and Eastern Ohio is home to a strong manufacturing heritage with a capable labor surplus, centrally located with excellent access to U.S. east coast, Midwest, and southern markets as well as Canadian markets.

Home to 33 Fortune 500 manufacturing, distribution and back office locations with excellent freight options: uncongested 4-lane highways, two interstates, Ohio River access, and two Class A railways.

Ohio’s low-tax environment supports business growth and APEG’s inexpensive cost of living translates into affordable wages, providing a low cost business environment. The cheapest natural gas in the nation due to the presence of shale gas also helps businesses maximize investments.

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