The forests of southern Ohio produce coveted hardwoods, highly valued around the world.

And in the eastern counties of the state, Amish furniture making companies represent one of the largest remaining hardwood furniture manufacturing sectors in the nation.

Ohio is a manufacturing state (3rd largest state measured by manufacturing output), and eastern and southern Ohio have a manufacturing Location Quotient of 1.51 (51% above the U.S. average).

The twenty-five counties that make up the OhioSE region boast a labor surplus with proven manufacturing experience. With great market access by highway, rail & barge and taxes, wage rates, and utility costs below national and regional averages, it’s a prime location for business.

Wood products manufacturing in the region encompass a wide variety of sectors including pulp and paper, logging, sawmills, millwork and architectural products (kitchen cabinets and counters, shelving, flooring, windows and doors, and burial casket manufacturing).


    • Ohio is #1 for wood furniture manufacturing employment
    • Ohio is the fourth largest producer of coveted Appalachian Hardwoods in the USA
    • 8 million acres of forest
    • More workers than jobs in southeastern Ohio
    • Over 20 billion cubic feet of standing timber
    • Over 700 million board feet of timber harvested each year
    • 300+ sawmills in our wood products database

To learn more, download presentation:‘A Business Case for Hardwood Products Manufacturing in Southeastern Ohio’ (3.16 MB)


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