The OhioSE Region is Known for Manufacturing and Fabricating Metals for Industry

Ohio’s iron and steel manufacturing began in the eastern and southern counties of the state 200-plus years ago utilizing local ore and energy resources and the mighty Ohio River for transport.

Today, those counties make up the OhioSE region which boasts more than 345 businesses in the metals sector and relies on a skilled workforce, abundant low-cost energy and the powerful Ohio River.

Virtually every step in the production and fabrication of metals and metal products can be found in the region. OhioSE is home to smelters, foundries and rolling mills that make basic metal products. It also hosts nearly every form of metal manufacturer ranging from more traditional casting, fabricating, machining, milling and stamping operations, to newer high-tech and specialty metal manufacturing like sintering and additive manufacturing.



  • The region has a negative commuter inflow of nearly 12,000 workers in the manufacturing industry.
  • The average wage in the metals subsectors is lower than the state and national wage averages.
  • In 2017, the OhioSE region produced more than 3,400 graduates in 95 sector-related post-secondary programs
  • Workforce is committed to family and staying in their multi-generational communities.


  • OhioSE metals manufacturing subsectors: primary metals; fabricated products; machinery; computer and electronic products; electrical equipment, appliance, components; transportation equipment
  • Represents approximately 30 percent of the region’s manufacturing
  • Over 15,000 employees, a concentration 15 percent higher than the national average.
  • Sophisticated technologies and unique products are well represented in the region.


Manufacturing has deep roots in the OhioSE region – we still know how to make things. One in eight jobs in the region is in manufacturing. The pride that comes from making a quality product and the skills to do it have been passed down through many generations. Dedication to family and community means our skilled workforce is in place and committed.

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