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Located at 16600 SR 7 S, Marietta, Ohio 45750

Lat/Long 39.3667, -81.5178

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Property Overview of AMP

This 51-acre industrial site has barge access, a large crane, belts, hoppers and truck and river access, as it was previously utilized for barge material unloading.  This site has approximately 1,500 feet of Ohio River access. Topography for this site is relatively flat and sits 48 feet above normal Ohio River water level.


  • River Access
  • Dock on Site: Yes
  • Ohio River Mile: 177
  • Pool Elevation: approximately 582 feet amsl.

    Number Miles to

  • 4-lane Highway: .1 to State Route 7
  • Interstate: 6 to Interstate 77
  • Rail: 0 to CSX
  • Airport: 125 to Port Columbus International Airport


  • Gas: Adjacent, Dominion East Ohio Gas
  • Electric: Yes, AEP Ohio
  • Water: Yes, Warren Community Water
  • Sewer: Yes, Eramet Treatment Facility
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Project Manager / Site Advisor
Total Available Acres 51
Building Zoning
County Residing Washington More info about Washington County

Land Information


Topography for this site is relatively flat and sits 48 feet above normal Ohio River water level.

Topographic Map

Soil Information

According USDA NRCS, there are five soil types mapped for the site. The two dominant soil types that were mapped are Melvin silt loam (Mel1AF – 7 acres, 20.1 percent of the site) and the Urban Land (UX – 15.8 acres, 45.5 percent of the site).

Soil Map Download soil report


According to the FEMA FIRM 390566 FIRMette, the site is located in three Flood Zones (Zone A, Zone AE, and Zone X). Zone A is defined in a Special Flood Hazard Area that is subject to inundation by the 1 percent annual chance of flood. Zone A does not have any base flood elevations determined.

Floodway areas in Zone AE are defined as the floodway in the channel of a stream plus any adjacent floodplain areas that must be kept free of encroachment so that the 1 percent annual chance flood can be carried out without substantial increases in flood heights.

Zone X is in an area of 0.2 percent annual chance of flood; areas of 1 percent annual chance of flood with average depths of less than 1-foot or with drainage areas less than 1 square mile; and areas protected by levees from 1 percent annual chance flood.

Floodplain Map


The USFWS NWI map for the former AMP Ohio site shows one wetland located on the northeast corner. This wetland is labeled as PEM1A (Palustrine Emergent, Persistent Vegetation, Temporality Flooded) a Freshwater Emergent Wetland measuring 0.36 acre.  However, site owner notes that this is a settling pond, which is part of the storm water system and not a wetland.

National Wetland Map

Transportation Information


The primary vehicular access to the site is from Ohio SR 7. It is a four-lane road and there is good visibility for motorists turning into the site or out onto Ohio SR 7. This site is located 6 miles from Interstate 77.


Railroad exists on the north side of Ohio SR 7 with the closest crossing of the highway occurring 0.5 mile north of the site.  Portions of the tracks have been removed beyond the crossing.  Eramet Corporation owns the railroad bridge.  Existing property rights include an easement for rail access; railroad tracks would have to be reconstructed and a detailed usage agreement would have to be developed with Eramet.

River Access

River access does exist. There are six docking cells along the property frontage with the Ohio River. An E-Crane exists for loading and unloading operations for barges. In addition, conveyors exist to further distribute materials into the site for disbursement. There is an existing permit associated with the river docking that is open to unloading 25 different materials.  AMP maintains an air permit from the OEPA which permits material handling on the site.


The Port Columbus International Airport is located 125 miles from this site, and the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport is 13 miles from the site.


The AMP Site is located near Ohio River Mile 177, which has normal pool elevations of approximately 582 feet amsl.

ODOT River Terminal Location(s)

According to the ODOT Division of Planning, Maritime & Freight Program information database, there are three terminal locations identified at the site. The northernmost terminal is named Mid-Ohio Valley Lime, Marietta Wharf with FID No. 214. This terminal is located at Ohio River Mile 177.1 and is owned and operated by Mid-Ohio Valley Lime, Inc. The listed purpose of the terminal is receipt of bulk lime. The second terminal is named Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, Marietta Plant Dock with FID 211. The terminal is located at Ohio River Mile 176.5 and is owned and operated by Chevron Phillips Chemical Company. The listed purpose of the terminal is receipt of styrene monomer. The third and southernmost terminal is named AMP – Ohio, Marietta Dock with FID 212. The terminal is located at Ohio River Mile 176.5. The listed purpose of the terminal is receipt of coal.



Gas service is provided by Dominion East Ohio Gas Company. A 6-inch diameter gas line exists along the south side of SR 7. The estimated pressure is 100 psi. There is a pressure regulator located at the northwest corner of the site and it is used to reduce the working pressure to 50 pounds.


The electrical service is provided by AEP. There are multiple service drops that are located in multiple locations around the site perimeter. The electrical service is classified as a loop configuration with a dual feed.  AEP 138kV and 12kV on site.


Potable water service is provided by Warren Community Water but through a supply line that services the Eramet facility that is located across SR 7 from the site. A 4-inch diameter copper potable water line comes from Eramet and runs under SR 7 and comes into the site east of the main entry. The former AMP Ohio facility bought their potable water from Eramet. A new-separate water service tap could be provided for the site if desired.


The sanitary sewer is treated by the Eramet Treatment Facility that is located southwest of the site. The treatment facility is located off site.

Storm Sewer

Currently the storm drainage for the lawn areas of the site sheet flows across a large grass areas and is absorbed into the ground, this is especially the case along the western portion of the site. The remainder of the site is collected with drop inlets and piping and is discharged into a pond that is located in the northeast section of the site. A National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit exists for the site; this is an Industrial Storm Water General Permit and not an Individual Permit.