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Holland Drive

Located at 97 Holland Dr, Gallipolis, Ohio 45631

Lat/Long 38.8528, -82.1475

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Property Overview of Holland Drive

This greenfield site is currently zoned for commercial/industrial use. Previously the Holland Drive site was used for agricultural purposes. There are approximately 100 acres available. The site is relatively flat along the eastern portion and gently rolling to the west. A rail line transects the middle portion of the site. A pond is also located in the mid-portion of the site.


  • River Access
  • Dock on Site: No

    Number Miles to

  • 4-lane Highway: 1.3 to US 35
  • Interstate: 34 to Interstate 64
  • Rail: 0 to CSX
  • Airport: 52 to Huntington Tri-State


  • Gas: Adjacent, Columbia Gas of Ohio
  • Electric: Yes, AEP Ohio and Buckeye Co-Op
  • Water: Yes, Gallia County Rural Water
  • Sewer: Yes, City of Gallipolis
Photo of Donna Hrezo
Site Advisor
Total Available Acres 100
Zoning Industrial/ Commercial
County Residing Gallia More info about Gallia County

Land Information


The site is relatively flat along the eastern portion and gently rolling to the west.

Topographic Map

Soil Information

According USDA NRCS, there were several soil types mapped for the site. The two soil types that were dominant are Gallipolis (GbB – 32.3 acres, 15.4 percent of the site) and Taggart (TgA – 44.6 acres, 21.4 percent of the site).

Soil Map Download soil report


According to the FEMA FIRM 390185 FIRMette, the site is located in two Flood Zones (Zone AE and Zone X), Zone AE is described as a Special Flood Hazard Area that is subject to inundation by the 1 percent annual chance of flood. Zone AE has base flood elevations determined. Zone X is defined as areas of 0.2 percent annual chance of flood.  The remainder of the site is in an unincorporated area and no flood zones are determined.

Floodplain Map


The USFWS NWI map for the Holland Drive Site shows a total of eight wetland areas, all mostly located on the western portion of the property. Seven of the areas are freshwater ponds (PUBGx – Palustrine, Unconsolidated Bottom, Intermittently Exposed, Excavated; PUBGh – Palustrine, Unconsolidated Bottom, Intermittently Exposed, Diked/Impounded; and PUBG – Palustrine, Unconsolidated Bottom, Intermittently Exposed) that total approximately 15 acres. The additional wetland area is approximately 15 acres of a Freshwater Forested/Shrub Wetland (PSS1/EM1A – Palustrine, Scrub-Shrub, Broad-Leaved Deciduous/Palustrine, Emergent, Persistent, Temporary Flooded).

National Wetland Map

Transportation Information


Currently there is a road that accesses the site off of Ohio SR 7. This access road is located along the eastern edge and middle portion of the site. The existing roadway surfacing comprises of asphalt and turns into gravel approximately 900 feet off of Ohio SR 7. This road extends into the site and splits in north and south directions. The north direction connects to Georges Creek Road – Township 7. The south direction connects with Burnett Road – Township 207.  This site is located 1.3 miles from US-35 and 34 miles from Interstate 64.


A CSX Railroad rail line bisects the site. Negotiations with the CSX Company would be required in order to determine the feasibility of tying into the rail line.

River Access

This site is not located on the river.  Additional acreage is available just east of State Route 7 with river access; that site is located at Ohio River Mile 265.


The Huntington Tri-State Airport is located 52 miles from this site, and the Gallia-Meigs Regional Airport is located 2.5 miles from the site.



Gas service is provided by Columbia Gas of Ohio Company. A gas line exists along the west side of Ohio SR 7.


AEP Electric service runs along both the east and west sides of Ohio SR 7. Currently no electric power service lines extend into the site. Underground electric service does exist in the northeast portion of the site and this service is associated with six camping sites.  AEP serves from ponds east to SR 7, and Buckeye Co-op serves the site west of the ponds.  AEP 138kV crosses through the west end of the site and 12kV is located on site and along SR 7.


Potable water service is provided by Gallia County Rural Water. A 6-inch potable water line with 60 psi exists on the east side of Ohio SR 7. A 6-inch potable water line extends into the site from Ohio SR 7 approximately 400 feet north of the main entry into the site. The water line extends approximately 600 feet into the site. A 16-inch potable water line with 100 psi runs parallel to Holland Drive.


Sanitary sewer service is provided by the City of Gallipolis. A sanitary sewer line exists along the side of Ohio SR 7. Currently no sanitary sewer piping exists on the site.

Storm Sewer

Currently the storm drainage sheet flows into drainage swales. The drainage swales eventually drain towards the Ohio River. The existing trucking company that adjoins the site to the south has storm drainage collected and piped into a drainage swale on the Holland Drive Site.