Ohio is an attractive state for foreign direct investment (FDI) and the OhioSE region offers many possibilities and incentives. The largest JobsOhio partner representing twenty-five rural counties in the southern and eastern parts of the state, the people of the OhioSE region maintain a strong work ethic with a high commitment to family and community, reflecting traditional values passed down through generations.

This skilled workforce, Ohio’s tax advantages, low energy cost, and wages below the U.S. average, make the region an enticing choice. Our logistics include highway, rail and barge freight options which allow businesses to move product and raw goods inexpensively. We are a one day drive to 60% of the U.S. and Canadian populations. Fifty foreign-owned companies from eighteen countries (PDF) currently thrive in the region.

Soft Landing Can Benefit Small to Mid-sized Companies

OhioSE is committed to continuously improving the FDI process to support international companies looking to invest, and our soft landing program provides flexible strategy to explore business opportunities and test market viability before committing significant resources.

Through a network of business incubators and assistance providers, we coordinate resources and services that are extremely cost-effective, allowing you to establish a presence in the market on highly favorable economic terms. Some services include:

  • Import/export laws
  • U.S. Market research
  • Technical expertise such as Lean, ISO, occupational safety and health
  • Cultural guidance and more

Resources of the soft landing program include The Innovation Center, Ohio University’s award winning business incubator; the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute in Youngstown; and business incubators ACEnet in Athens, MCBI in Zanesville and the OSU Endeavor Center in Piketon.


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